author of Iran Covenant  & The Woolsorters’ Plague


Chet Nagle is an experienced analyst and commentator on international commerce, geopolitics, national security matters, the Middle East, and strategic communications. He often speaks on radio, has appeared in documentary films and has been a guest on television news programs. Columns by Nagle have appeared in the Daily Caller, The Hill, Roll Call, and numerous other publications. He is a contributing editor for and the Mittler Report.

Chet is available for speaking and writing engagements, including editorial work, speechwriting, and ghostwriting. His biography is here, Wikipedia, and other sites.

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Lecturer, Author, Consultant

The threat, the opportunity and the solution wrapped in a gripping, tale of International intrigue.

Could America be attacked by germ warfare weapons? Here is how you may  die tonight...

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Former Ranger and cyber geek robs Wall Street thug of billions for revenge and his identity dies. He is dragged back from cyber death and...